"Don't settle for a quick "book" guess!!! You must know the real value. We evaluate your aicraft condition, times, history, plus give you a competitive market report with comparables, then furnish you with USPAP Compliant valuation."
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In today's market true and relaiable aircraft values are difficult to determine. Don't settle for quick book appraisals which are subjective, can easily be manipulated and mostly relies upon questionaire's sent out quarterly. The fair market value of aircraft can and does move much faster than that. Valuation books fail to thoroughly account for damage history, missing or incomplete logs, even logs that have entries in foreign languages can affect value. What type of engine overhaul was done, who did it? What about propeller times and condition or Hot Section Inspections on Jets. This is just the beginning! Many factors determine true value. It takes work to find true value. Additionally, you must know the value of comparable for sale aircraft plus gain full understanding of current market conditions including similar aircraft have sold recently. What is the average exposure time and market time prior to a sale? What is the supply and demand rating? All these things and much more in addition to your aircraft condition, history, times, features, equipment and all documentation must be evaluated. These who, what, when and where answers can greatly affect value.

Anyone can grab Bluebook, Vref or use the internet to make guesses. We go far beyond that and would like to explain our services to you. No matter if you need a USPAP Compliant Field Appraisal, USPAP Compliant Desktop Appraisal or just an Aircraft Market Opinion, settling for quick book estimates can be costly and inaccurate. Call us and put years of experience to work for you. We provide you with in-depth, accurate and reasonably priced appraisals that are accepted by banks, courts and insurance companies.

Effective March 2017, the complete FAA Airwothiness and Registration Doucment File will be included with all USPAP Compliant Field and Desktop Appraisal Reports.

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