Environmental and Economical Factors such as Supply and Demand affect Aircraft Appraisals. In addition to over 35 years experience, many hours are spent in training and research, hoping to provide you with valuable insight. Prices fluctuate more rapidly than ever so Let us explain how and why this affects value.
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 Aircraft Market Value Opinion (Not USPAP Compliant)

The Aircraft Market Opinion is available to buyers and sellers interested in determining estimated market value only. It is a low cost alternative to a USPAP Compliant Field or Desktop Appraisal. The Aircraft Market Opinion is not recommended for banks, financiers, attorneys or many others, such as but not limited to those who have estate issues. We can offer this service on almost any aircraft anywhere in the world and can usually have the report back to you within 24 hours if requested

You provide us with the information concerning the subject aircraft, including but not limited to: history, specifications (times, avionics, features, equipment, etc.) maintenance data, calendar items, log book items, records and pictures if available. We verify as much as possible. Based upon the information you provide, will provide you with the best and most accurate Aircraft Market Opinion possible.

Even at this extremely low rate you are not merely getting a quick book guess! We do not visually inspect the aircraft nor do we solicit aid from other professionals. Instead we analyze the data provided. We rely on you to review all logs, records, avionics, equipment and to check history, such as damage or maintenance items. We take your provided data and then develop an Aircraft Market Opinion using Aircraft Bluebook, Vref Price Index, our own software and a Market Survey of other similar aircraft being offered. We then assign an expected value range. Using this approach, we can normally determine the nearest competition to your aircraft. Once this is done, we are confident that if everything is as presented we have supplied you with a realistic value range.

We provide a Market Value Opinion on piston singles, twins, homebuilts, experimentals, various military, turbo-props, jet aircraft and helicopters. There is no certification associated with this type report. You can click Tell us about your aircraft below to send us the information and click the order form to pay with PayPal or any credit card you desire. .

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