Environmental and Economical Factors such as Supply and Demand affect Aircraft Appraisals. In addition to over 35 years experience, many hours are spent in training and research, hoping to provide you with valuable insight. Prices fluctuate more rapidly than ever so Let us explain how and why this affects value.
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Credible and reliable aircraft values are difficult to determine; perhaps more than ever. Book values are dated, often three plus months in arrears, input is subjective allowing unrestricted manipulation. Nowadays, the market value of aircraft often moves much faster than that. Books fail to thoroughly account for damage history, missing or incomplete logs or entries in a foreign language can affect value. Factors, such has hours are important, but what about cycles or cycle imbalances? What type of engine overhaul was done, who did it? What about propeller times? What is the status of Mid-life Inspections? You must also know the values of comparable for sale and recently sold aircraft. Now, unlike any other time in history, we must also question economic and environmental factors regarding Market Value plus gain full understanding of current market conditions to reach a credible value conclusion. Subject aircraft condition, history, times, features, equipment and all documentation must be reviewed along with factors such as the average exposure time (Days on Market), the supply and demand rating, average usage, etc. The list of significant factors that determine true Market Value is huge and growing. It takes in-depth research to determine true and credible value. These who, what, when and where answers are more important than ever and must be analyzed.

Our USPAP Compliant Field or Desktop Appraisals, plus our more basic Market Value Opinions all go far beyond basic book values and we would like to explain our services to you. No matter if you need a USPAP Compliant Field Appraisal, USPAP Compliant Desktop Appraisal or just an Aircraft Market Opinion, settling for quick book estimates can be costly and inaccurate. Call us and put years of experience to work for you. We provide you with in-depth, accurate and reasonably priced appraisals that are accepted by banks, courts, insurance companies and others.

We include the complete and current FAA Airworthiness and Registration Document File with all USPAP Compliant Field and Desktop Appraisal Reports. Paul Barnett is USPAP current and holds the top level accreditation with three Appraiser's Associations. In addition, he has studied the effects of environmental, social, and economic conditions regarding the aviation market.

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