Don't settle for a quick, subjective and often outdated "book" guess!!! We valuate your aicraft condition, times, history, research comparable aircraft, then give you an in-depth USPAP Compliant valuation.
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 USPAP Compliant Desktop Aircraft Appraisal

A USPAP Compliant Desktop Appraisal is an in-depth valuation of an aircraft that is made from the office, usually with the assistance of third-party information. This saves costs by eliminating travel expenses. Information can be gathered from the maintenance facility, a local party or someone willing to act as a neutral set of eyes at little or no cost to you. If an in-depth third party inspection is required, you are notified and must be in complete agreement prior to any additional expense.

As with all our appraisals, you are not merely getting a quick book guess! In fact, we use a similar approach to the USPAP Compliant Field Appraisal but at a lower cost. With a Desktop Appraisal, we inquire about logs, records, avionics, equipment and features plus history report and check the competitive market check. We determine the closest comparables then Valuate your aircraft using the comparables, Aircraft Bluebook, Vref Price Index and our own software assign an expected value to satisfy your requirements.

Whether for Bank financing, expert testimony, estate settlement, market value or other, we have many years of aircraft buying, selling, brokering and appraisal experience. We are qualified to provide you with an accurate and fair USPAP Compliant Desktop Appraisal at a reasonable price. We have contacts all over the world who can help to to look at aircraft if required. We include digital pictures, and copies of all documents we obtain through the process. We do not copy log books but often copy significant entries. We can also order and provide you with 337 searches, history reports and accident/incident reports for an additional feel. We can furnish many references upon request.>

We appraise piston single, twin, homebuilt, experimental, military, turbo-prop, jet aircraft and helicopters. You can click Tell us about your aircraft below to send us the information and click the order form to pay with PayPal or any credit card you desire. .

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What is a USPAP Compliant Desktop Appraisal?
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